Kenedy Van Zile record historic senior season

Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 6:54 PM CST
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"If there's a little kid in our program, I ask what number they want to be, and I get a lot of zero! I want to be zero!" Rhinelander girls basketball coach Ryan Clark said.

In Rhinelander Kenedy Van Zile is a household name.

"My freshman year I only had about 83 points the whole season. Then sophomore year I started to get more, then junior year came and I saw that I was at 1,000," Van Zile added.

This year, she broke the women’s school point record and passed the 1,500 point mark. Even while shooting less and passing more.

"Her numbers are down, she's averaging around 20, but her assists are up," Clark mentioned.

"I'm so caught up in playing and trying to do my best and the best for my team that it flies right past me," Van Zile explained.

The Hodags success is bringing in larger crowds, and the players see that as a chance to entertain.

"Every time we go somewhere there are people that have never seen us play before so we have to put on a show he always says that. This is the entertainment business and this is our stage," Van Zile said.

"As a team, you want a team that puts on a show and is confident and puts their best on the court and I think Kenedy embodies that," Clark explained.

Right now Rhinelander is undefeated in the Great Northern Conference, and Van Zile is encouraging her teammates to finish what they started.

"I just tell everyone to play and have fun. Play hard, play for the team, play for each other. We really only have for me as a senior one season left then it's all going to be gone. So we need to play our hardest every day," Van Zile added.

As the Hodags continue to dominate, number zero will continue to haunt her opponents.

“There's going to be a lot of conference coaches that will be excited when Kenedy is finally done and graduates." Clark said. “Her legacy for our program will go on a long time,” he added.