Hafferman leaves legacy for future Wildcat teams

Published: Nov. 22, 2019 at 6:08 PM CST
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In his senior year, Kaleb Hafferman has been a crucial part of the Edgar Wildcats football team in 2019.

But what most people don't know, is that Kaleb's part on the team started when he was in elementary school.

"He's one of a long line of managers that ended up making all-state. He made the all state team this year," Edgar head coach Jerry Sinz said.

"From the start I was a manager like these guys are. Every Tuesday we would had to bring the pads or else we'd get yelled at," Hafferman joked.

Despite Kaleb's production on the field, his goal is to get as many teammates involved as he can.

"One game just so happened that he scored the first two or three touchdowns in the game. After he scored the thrid one he comes running over to the sideline and yells to the coaches let's get other guys involved at the goal line! Yeah he wanted to get other guys in on the scoring stuff," Sinz explained.

For Kaleb, his stats aren't nearly as important as passing along the rich Wildcat traditions.

"We're trying to leave stepping stones and good examples for the juniors and underclassmen," Hafferman said.

Those stepping stones led Edgar on a path to the state championship game. Even though Edgar didn't come away with a win, it reminded Kaleb of a fond memory.

"My favorite memory is probably freshman year is probably when my brother won a gold ball. Sadly we got here twice but we couldn't get it again," Hafferman explained.

The 2019 football season has officially come to a close, but Kaleb has a message for those who will don the green and yellow next season.

"Just play with Wildcat pride and your buddies will have your back. It's nice to know that," Hafferman said.