Hello, My Name Is: John Wilkerson

Published: Dec. 16, 2019 at 10:54 PM CST
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"He's a solid leader and everyone knows he's our best curler, he doesn't have to strut to tell you that," D.C. Everest curling coach Tom Wood said.

Unlike most curlers, John Wilkerson started his career with the Evergreens with a few years of experience under his belt. That gave him a chance to fall in love with the sport.

"What really kept me coming back to it was the strategy of the sport and the friendliness. Cause it's a dignified sport, you treat your opponents with respect. It's different compared to most sports I'd say," Wilkerson added.

John describes the sports of curling as a chess match. Making adjustments after every turn.

"We're always adjusting the weight, the line, it just comes with lots of practice," Wilkerson explained.

John has become one of the seasoned veterans on his team and tries to teach his younger teammates.

"He'll be there right at the beginning when they first step on the ice and when they fall down. Encouraging them to get back up and teaching them how to do the fundamentals," Wood said.

"I usually also teach them that you have to have a bit of humility. You have to enjoy the sport and not get caught up in the winning and losing," Wilkerson explained.

In a few months, John along with other curlers in the area will have the opportunity to qualify to represent the United States on a global stage.

"We play together and we've gone to nationals a few times but this year we're hoping to improve our results," Wilkerson added.

But for now John is preparing to finish his career strong as an Evergreen.

"But probably my biggest goal as a senior is to win the state title for Everest curling," Wilkerson said.