Wisconsin state patrol will use airplanes to help reduce speeding

Published: Aug. 12, 2018 at 7:43 PM CDT
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Wisconsin state troopers can now catch people speeding from the air.

In a new effort to help keeps the roads safer, state trooper will start using airplanes to help detect speeding.

The planes will use technology to help calculate if cars are going over the limit.

If they are, a description will be given to a nearby state trooper.

Highway patrol is hoping that this new technology helps to limit crashes that are caused by speeding.

"We will be doing several aircraft details throughout the Wausau region. In an effort to get people to slow down and abide by Wisconsin laws. It's more of a highway safety factor again, with speed being a leading factor in crashes. We want to reduce the number of crashes and enhance highway safety," says Wisconsin State Patrol Sergeant Matthew Strickland.

Portage county will be the first county to use this new method.

Highway patrol says that the planes should be in the air on august 16th.