Noah Streveler thinks outside the box

Noah Streveler played four separate sports in high school.
Noah Streveler played four separate sports in high school.(WSAW)
Published: Apr. 27, 2020 at 3:55 PM CDT
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All-conference in football, soccer, and track & field. Needless to say, SPASH's Noah Streveler keeps his plate full.

“When I’m in season, I have all the communication between all my coaches. They are all good with it, and I kind of get in a little rhythm.”

Then his schedule completely changed.

“It kind of just stopped the cycle, stopped the routine,” said Streveler.

A senior year Streveler won’t get back, but he built up a strong resume before the pandemic.

“(I) was a mathlete for a little while," said Streveler. "(I) was on the math league team, and I was also on the SkillsUSA Team, which I like to call math league for engineers and a youth soccer coach.”

SkillsUSA helped Streveler grow in ways he would have never previously.

“(I had) a lot of help with problem-solving and thinking outside the box,” said Streveler.

Streveler took his creative knowledge to a SkillsUSA competition where he says it is comparable to an upscale math test at school.

“It was weird because I’ve always excelled in mathematic sciences, but to compete in those, it was just a little extra pressure,” said Streveler.

Streveler finished second in regionals. That would be good enough to advance to state, but his true love took over.

“It’s a two-day competition, and I had a track meet the day I would have taken the test,” said Streveler.

Despite the conflicts, both activities help fuel the other.

“Even though it wasn’t really directly correlated, it really helped my game," said Streveler. "I was calmer in intense situations. I just feel like it just made me a better athlete and better test taker, better under pressure in general."