Local business expanding to shoreline protection

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 1:58 PM CST
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Property owners along the Bay of Green Bay are scrambling to hire contractors to install flood protection systems to guard their homes and cottages.

And with water levels at record levels and forecasted to continue rising this spring, there's not enough contractors to go around.

That's why one local concrete company is now looking to get involved.

Absolute Concrete in Green Bay recently decided it was time to expand its business and look to the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan.

"The last few months, everything that's going on, and we have the expertise to do it, we just never really thought about doing it, but we've got the guys, the equipment, everything to do it so that's something we're going to be doing," says Pat Schuette, Absolute Concrete Sales Manager.

Schuette says even without advertising, the company is getting calls due to word of mouth.

He can tell there's a sense of urgency.

"Everything we hear from the DNR, all those people it's just, it keeps going up and it's a concern," says Schuette.

Absolute Concrete plans to offer a unique concrete block system to create a wall offering protection from erosion and high water.

"There's a lot of research that went into it and picking out the right product, you know the right system for the right people," says Schuette.

The company will take on it's first project along the bay next month.

And while it's always good business to pursue new business, Schuette says it's also about helping those in dire straights.

"Those people that built all these cottages within the last 10-15 years never envisioned this kind of havoc that's being wreaked upon their shoreline, I feel bad for them, but it's something that, I mean they have to do something," says Schuette.