Langseth is putting in work outside of the circle

Danni Langseth throwing at state.
Danni Langseth throwing at state.(WSAW)
Published: Apr. 13, 2020 at 8:51 PM CDT
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One-hundred-forty-nine feet. That’s how far Danni Langseth threw a discus at the state championships last year. A personal record that she still strives to beat.

“I hope so," said Langseth. "I have some pretty high goals for myself.”

Those goals translate to her volunteer work off the field.

“I’m involved in Peyton’s Promise," said Langseth. "I joined in fourth grade when it was just kind of getting started, and I’ve just watched it blossom.”

Joining Peyton’s Promise all started with a young girl’s vision.

“One of my friends Emma and I were walking around our neighborhood, and we were collecting cans cause we had heard about this Peyton’s Promise," said Langseth. "Our whole theory was that we were gonna solve world hunger.”

Since then, Peyton’s Promise has bloomed with Langseth’s involvement, but Langseth has also grown because of Peyton’s Promise.

“It’s helped me develop just passion, I think," said Langseth. "That passion carries on to my athletics, and it carries on to my academics.”

Langseth’s vigor led her to starting Eat for the Hungry.

“Basically this even where restaurants in our community give 15% of their sales on a day in December, and that money just goes to helping the pantries through the rough months of January through March,” said Langseth.

Last December, Langseth raised $4,700. A goal that she thinks she can top in 2020.

Langseth had 14 restaurants involved in Eat for the Hungry last December. She’s hoping to have 20 restaurants involved this December.