Wisconsin sees more mosquitoes this summer

Published: Jul. 10, 2018 at 5:58 PM CDT
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People who have spent most of their time outside this summer are seeing just how many mosquitoes there are.

Along with the larger population of bugs, they also happen to be more aggressive this year.

The increased population has mosquitoes working harder to search for food sources.

"There are a few things that have created this environment for having a lot of mosquitoes. One is that we had a pretty mild winter but we also had lots of snow. So that created an insulation for those mosquitoes that are on the ground, or those mosquitoes that are in the water and that are finishing their development. Now, that it is sort of drying out we'll probably see a slowing down of mosquitoes. Not necessarily in the forested areas because they'll always find a water source there, but out in places where there is not so much water, “said University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Biology Professor Jamee Hubbard. ​

Professor Hubbard said that for those who are trying to avoid those nasty bites, the best thing that you can do is apply repellent with deet and to wear longer clothing. She also suggested to try and avoid wooded areas earlier and later in the day.