DNR on high alert during fire danger across Wisconsin

Published: Apr. 24, 2017 at 8:55 PM CDT
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The Department of Natural Resources was on full alert Monday with all but five Wisconsin counties having high or very high fire danger risk.

The DNR says the expected high winds and low moisture led to the very high risk.

"A day like today again the fire danger is going to be very high this afternoon so everybody available for staffing in wildlife and fire is working today specifically for that," said Lucas Schmidt, DNR Waupaca Forestry Team Leader

The DNR has set burning restrictions in all of the 44 counties it regulates burning.

People in other areas should check with local ordinances, officials, or fire departments before burning.

The National Weather Service says smokers should not throw cigarettes out the window and people should be careful around dry grassy areas.

The DNR will have crews flying in the air checking for smoke.

Ready to react if any is seen.

"Determining if it's somebody illegally burning in which case one of us will be dispatched out there to have a friendly conversation with them or if they detect a fire we'll work on paging out the local fire department as well as we will respond," said Schmidt.

The DNR says you can be held liable for the damages and suppression efforts caused by an illegal burn.