Boy Scouts collect food donations

Published: Apr. 1, 2023 at 9:36 PM CDT
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SCHOFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) - The fresh snow did not stop boy scouts from picking up bags of food from door to door. They went to more than four hundred houses on Saturday.

Pacs from 438, 439 and Troop 439 were divided into teams. Their goal was to compete for the most bags of food. ‘Scouting for Food’ started a week ago. People left bags of food in their driveway and the scout’s task was to grab that food and put it in the car. Cub Master Tim Wissbroecker said it was a tradition he took part in as a scout and said ‘Scouting for Food’ has always been very important to the organization.

“Historically, ‘Scouting For Food’ has been going for I don’t know how long, even when I was a scout twenty-five years ago, so it’s been a reoccurring campaign that has been successful, very successful in the past and it continues to be successful today,” said Wissbroecker.

It’s not just for a good cause, but the scouts enjoy going door to door and bonding with other scouts.

“We had the tag bag drop off day, so we had scouts doing that and a lot of scouts have fun doing it because they get to run house to house and you know, kind of just work their way down. It’s a great team-building activity as well,” said Wissbroecker.

One scout said he wished he wore more layers, but being cold for a few hours is a sacrifice he is willing to make.

“Well, if they don’t have enough money to afford something that can really help them, said Scout Caleb Wissbroecker.

The scouts topped their grand total from last year. This year the eight scout units collected 5,703 pounds altogether.