Supply shortages create busy time for heating service

It’s recommended to schedule a heating inspection soon due to increased waits
Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 5:50 PM CDT
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SCHOFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) - The unseasonably warm September weather is perhaps a distraction from the fact that winter is just around the corner in Wisconsin. As the cooler temperatures eventually come in, it’s important to check the status of heating services before it’s too late.

The pandemic has caused a lot of supply shortages across many industries, with heating and cooling services being no exception. Michael Abel owns France Sales and Service in Schofield and he says it’s made ordering difficult.

“As with all industries, we’re starting to run into shortages and supply chain problems getting parts,” said Abel.

Abel is thankful to be fully staffed, but vendors have not had the same fortune, resulting in long waits for products to arrive.

“A lot of our vendors are having problems getting products and it comes down to not having enough labor,” said Abel.

Fortunately for Abel, he pre-ordered a lot of parts, they’re just taking time to come in. With the delays, it’s all the more reason to schedule a heating inspection soon, because it will get even busier when the first cold snap of winter hits.

“Even though it’s been warm in September I think we’re a little bit busier than usual,” said Andy Rheinschmidt, France’s HVAC Operations Manager. “Once it starts dropping below 30 degrees, we’ll get really busy.”

Currently, appointments with France can be scheduled out to 1-2 weeks, but when it gets busier, it can be as far as 5-6 weeks.

One way to know if service is needed is simply running the furnace to see if it’s working properly.

“We’ve had a couple calls already this year where people are being proactive themselves and turning the furnace on and it doesn’t run,” said Rheinschmidt. “At least then they know ahead of time, we need to do something before fall.”

The reminder is more of a warning as Abel is concerned if people don’t get an appointment scheduled now, it may be too late in a few weeks.

“Once it gets cold and if parts aren’t available, or equipment is not available, or the resources aren’t available, you could be in trouble,” said Abel.

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