Calf triplets make history at Wisconsin Valley Fair

First time ever calf triplets will be showcased at the fair
Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 5:12 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - For the first time in its 153 renditions, the Wisconsin Valley Fair will showcase calf triplets this week. The statistics back just how rare of an occurrence this is. The chances of birthing triplet calves are one in 400,000.

Jinny, Jinxy and Jinger represent the first calf triplets ever and are owned by Wendy Fust of Fustead Holsteins. However, the care of the triplets are handled largely by a separate trio.

Lena Fraaza, Bentley Walters and Croix Bender are the primary caretakers of the calves. This includes washing, feeding and walking the calves at the fair this week. The three all attend Riverside Elementary and have been taking care of the cows since their birth back in March 2020.

“They just have to be diligent in coming and leading them and washing them and helping feeding them,” said Fust. “And they have to come early and clean them while they’re here, so it’s a lot of work that way. They have to be ready to put in hours and some early morning.”

Fust brought 21 young helpers with her to this year’s fair, including Lena, Bentley and Croix. A lot of work goes in to taking care of the calves, especially during the hot August days, but the kids just want to share their animals with others.

“It’s pretty cool that we get to work with triplets and that we get to work them in the ring and so everybody can just see all the triplets and see how cool they are,” said Fraaza, “like how different they are, but they’re still triplets.

Work isn’t the only thing when it comes to these calves. They also are gentle companions.

They’re really good cows.” said Walters. “They like to snuggle and they’re really cute.”

The calves can be seen at the Wisconsin Valley Fair in Marathon Park in Wausau which runs through this weekend.

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