New program brings 2 K-9s to Rothschild Police to honor 2 kids

Published: Jul. 28, 2021 at 3:36 PM CDT
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ROTHSCHILD, Wis. (WSAW) - Rothschild police department is getting two K-9s. the dogs will help connect with the community by visiting kids in school and help officers investigate rising drug crimes.

The dogs are being sponsored by Forrest Goetsch Charities and K-Tech Charities. K-9s Katie and Forrest honor Forrest Goetsch and Katie Brodjieski, two children from the community who passed away.

“These will be different dogs than what you’ve seen,” explained Gary Olsen, Rothschild’s village administrator.

They’ll also be working in service to the memory of their namesakes, Forrest and Katie.

“Now they’ll be remembered, and these dogs will be a remembrance for them, and that’s what makes this so special,” Olsen said.

That announcement made Wednesday by K-Tech Charities and Forrest Goetsch Charities.

“They’re not a German Shepherd, they’re not mean-looking dogs, these are friendly dogs that are going to help out the kids in the community,” Olsen said.

Rothschild Police Chief Jeremy Hunt says they’ll be a great way to make connections with the community.

“German short-haired pointers are good with kids, we can use them in the schools, and they’re a great connection to the community,” said Hunt.

He hopes to build on their connection with local schools.

“We have a school liaison officer in our school, sometimes there’s crisis situations, and just by having a nice, friendly face of a dog, can help that situation out,” he said.

The dogs can help the department enhance their response to a variety of situations.

“We have a tracking dog available and we do have drug activity in our area, and we hear about that from time to time and we hear about increases, and these dogs will be used for drug activity,” said Hunt.

K-9 Katie is set to join the department in August and Forrest is set to arrive in March 2022. Rothschild police have set up a Go Fund Me to cover equipment and health needs for the dogs. Click here to see it.

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