Wausau Common Council votes to send “Community for All” resolution back to committee

Updated: Jun. 15, 2021 at 10:10 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - In a six to five vote, the Wausau Common Council voted Tuesday night to send the “Community for All” resolution back to the committee level to be changed.

The item was voted on separately from the rest of the consent agenda items because of the discussion surrounding it.

Ahead of the voting, community members spoke out in favor and against the item. Two of the members from the Marathon County Board also spoke out in favor of the resolution.

Alderperson Lisa Rasmussen made the motion to send the item back to the committee level. She expressed a few issues with the resolution that if changed, could be more suitable to help the city of Wausau. One of the changes she suggested was removing the reference to a recent New York Times article regarding the county’s failure to approve a similar resolution. Rassmussen added that the economic development committee passed the resolution under the condition that the word “equity” in the resolution would be changed to equality. Since those changes did not happen, she thought more time working on the resolution would be best.

“The document is here tonight and that change didn’t get made. Nobody bothered to fix it. So what we have in front of us tonight is not ready for prime time. It’s not the version the committee asked for. It needs work,” Alderperson Rassmussen said. “We need to do it right and we need to employ the right process to do it and I just don’t feel like we have that. I feel like we’re lacking that.”

Once the resolution is reworked and approved at the committee level, it will come before the common council again for approval. There has been no date set for when the resolution will appear again.

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