Senator Baldwin’s ‘Promoting Women in Trucking Act’ expected to pass in senate

Updated: Jun. 15, 2021 at 6:24 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - The legislation aims to support and promote women entering the trucking industry and to establish a Trucking Advisory Board.

Less than 7% of women drive trucks in the industry. That is why Sen. Baldwin created legislation for women so working families could have more economic security.

“People think that it is a male-dominated environment, which it is, but a lot of women don’t know they can do this job,” President and CEO of Women in Trucking Ellen Voie said. “They don’t realize how much the industry has changed.”

But the trucking industry is seeing a shortage of drivers, and the shortage of drivers means a shortage of goods.

“As our economy is bouncing back from this pandemic,” Baldwin said, “We really have to remove any barriers that are in the way of women pursuing and keeping careers in trucking.”

The legislation sets up a process for identifying the barriers within the industry, one way is through listening to women already in the industry. It also highlights formal education and training programs, including mentors for women in the industry.

One of the ways to change stereotypes in the industry is a curriculum for Girl Scouts to earn a transportation patch.

“Over fifteen hundred girls earned their transportation patch and supply chain,” Voie said.

“They will be on par with any man in trucking based on their training and experience,” Baldwin said, “we have a lot of opportunities for women to advance in this profession and we should cease them.”

The legislation will be voted on by the Senate Commerce Committee Wednesday, June 15.

Click here to learn more information about the legislation.

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