Cosmo Theatre slowly climbing back up after pandemic hiccups

Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 10:11 PM CDT
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MERRILL, Wis. (WSAW) - The Cosmo Theatre in Merrill has been experiencing a roller coaster of business impacts because of the pandemic. Like many, they’re hoping to bounce back as we slowly get back to normal.

Many films are being released to streaming services the same day theaters get them, but the Cosmo Theatre said things are slowly starting to change.

“Well it’s been getting better, we opened back up in September and it was really slow,” Owner Trevor Dzwonkowski said. “It’s been hard for us, the staff is extremely limited, we’ve kept the majority of our staff, but on limited hours.”

Dzwonkowski believes people formed new habits of streaming movies at home while lock downs were in effect.

“Some movies you just need to see on a big screen,” Dzwonkowski said.

Now that theaters are open once again, there’s still some films being released to both platforms.

“Obviously it’s good for the studios to be able to make that money and keep going, but for the theater it was really, really hard on us,” Dzwonkowski said.

A few months back, the Cosmo saw things getting better, with blockbuster movies coming out, but then saw a lull.

Now they’re slowly creeping back up as more hit movies are released to the big screen.

“Finally movies are coming out that aren’t being streamed, so that helps us a lot, so people aren’t sitting at home watching it, they come to the theaters and watch it,” Dzwonkowski said.

As people are becoming more comfortable with going to the movies, Dzwonkowski said they’re lucky to get 25 people in a theater, which would have been a bad night before the pandemic.

“Anything is better than what it was, so everything helps,” Dzwonkowski said.

He expects to see even more people come back to the theater during the summer as more hit movies come out.

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