‘Collin’s Law’ would add to newborn screenings

Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 5:31 PM CST
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WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis. (WSAW) - Right now, newborns in Wisconsin are screened for 46 disorders, including hearing loss and critical congenital heart disease. Krabbe Disease is not one of those 46, but Senator Patrick Testin is hoping that will change soon.

Collin Cushman only had 8 years on this earth, but with the team of his parents and Senator Testin, his impact could be everlasting.

NewsChannel 7 first introduced you to Collin in March of 2015. He was born with Krabbe Disease, an inherited disorder that attacks nerve cells in the brain and the nervous system.

Collin didn’t start showing signs until he was 8.5 months old, and diagnosed 4 months later. For a chance at survival, detection needs to happen the first few weeks of life.

‘Collin Cushman’s Law’ would add Krabbe Disease to the list of disorders screened for in Wisconsin.

“There’s more kiddos that are being born with it,” said Kevin Kushman, Collin’s dad. “And the only way for science to make anymore progress, or continue to make progress, is for states to have Krabbe added.”

“Usually if you catch it early enough the infant is only about two weeks old,” added mom Judy. “They will go through a chemo, I believe it’s two weeks of chemo. They’re able to get the transplant, that stem cell transplant.”

A similar bill was introduced a few years back but never gained much traction. Senator Testin says he’s been working with the subcommittee that oversees what gets added to newborn screening panels.

The bill will circulate for co-sponsorship in the legislature through March 3, with hopes of passing and ending up on Governor Evers’ desk.

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