Tackling education in our schools: Closing the gap on the digital divide

Published: Feb. 1, 2021 at 4:15 PM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - In an increasingly digital world, there is a divide between students who have sufficient access to computers and internet access and those who do not. The increased shift to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic has shined a spotlight on this digital divide. Every student deserves the chance to prosper.


- The United Nations Children’s Fund estimates 33% (464 million) of children worldwide lack access to the tools needed for remote learning

- 36% of low-income parents reported their children were unable to complete their schoolwork at home because they lacked access to a computer compared to just 14% of middle-income and 4% of upper-income

- 40% of low-income parents reported their children having to use public Wi-Fi to finish schoolwork because there is not a reliable internet connection at home compared to just 13% of middle-income and 6% of upper-income

NFL player Kelvin Beachum and financial expert, Winnie Sun joined NewsChannel 7 at 4 on Monday to share the news about what financial platform Intuit, the makers of Turbo Tax, is doing to help, partnering with school districts to close the gap on this digital divide and expand possibilities for students and teachers around the world.

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